Flamingo Fisheye

date October 04, 2016 location Chicago, IL comments 1 Comment

Here is the photogenic Flamingo statue in the loop. It's always interesting to return to places that I've photographed before and see if I'm able to come up with unique compositions or ideas around the same structures. In this case, I pulled out the fisheye lens and got up close to a puddle to give a bit of a reflection off of the Flamingo. I think the curve of the fisheye really works well with the curves of this statue.

It's also interesting to go back and reflect on images i've created earlier in photographic career. After I have finally gotten over the cringe-worthy over-processing, I find solace in knowing that I have come a long way as a photographer. One day, I'll likely look at today's shot and think how awful it is (it's why I have a hard time printing any of my own photographs), but it's all part of maturing as a photographer and I'll always have room to improve my skills at photography.

Calder's Flamingo statue in the loop, taken with my fisheye lens.View on Map

Calder's Flamingo statue in the loop, taken with my fisheye lens.

Posted by jasmine jack on February 22, 2019 6:49am

Great picture. I've been sensible to go shoot it at Do My Research Paper night. A tip I learned for shooting with fisheye lenses, not destined to be critical but just something to consider. Take the main prospect line, in this case, the bottom of the sculpture, and have that at mid stature in the frame so that it is conservative.