Cabbage Salad Meal Prep

date April 01, 2020 location Lockdown, USA

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, I've spent the past several weeks cooped up inside along with nearly everyone else in the world, feeling restless. Lately, I've featured a healthy mix of my two favorite hobbies on my blog: running and photography. I figured with the lockdown in place, there is no better time than now to introduce a third hobby I've come to enjoy recently: cooking. As a runner, diet is a crucial element to performance, and a proper diet should ensure sufficient nutrients and a proper supply of energy to maximize workout performance but also keep body weight at a level optimal for racing.

With running occupying so much of my time lately, I'm always looking for meals that check my four major boxes: taste, health, ease of preparation, and cost. I'll save a deeper analysis of this criteria for a different blog post, but simply, a meal should taste great, be healthy, easy to prepare, and not break the bank. I've come to find that cabbage salad checks all of these boxes. Furthermore, cabbage is extremely versatile and pairs great with a variety of fruits, nuts, grains and a plethora of salad dressings. My weekly meal prep is as follows:

I usually make purchase both green cabbage and red cabbage. While this isn't necessary, the varieties have different micronutrient profiles and blending them ensures consumption of a wider breadth of vitamins and minerals.

The first step is to give the cabbage a thorough wash, shedding/discarding the outer layers if necessary.

I then chop the cabbage into large slices that fit in my food processor.

I use the "fine slicing" blade on my Cuisinart at the high-speed setting.

After batching through all the cabbage, I'll mix the colors in a large bowl.

I tend to eat very large salads so I'll tightly pack a 32oz recycled yogurt container intended for a single serving.

At meal time, I'll combine the cabbage with whichever fruits, nuts, seeds, grains or other mix-ins I have on hand, along with a healthy amount of salad dressing (that recipe for another day).

Here I mixed the cabbage with dried cranberries, mandarin orange slices, chickpeas, and pepitas.