88 Seconds of the Adler Planetarium

date September 19, 2016 location Chicago, IL

This is an 88 second exposure of the sun rising behind the Adler Planetarium. I finally got around to wet cleaning my camera sensor for the first time ever. I've had the camera for about five years now and was always too afraid of damaging the sensor, so I had always opted for the air blower cleaning instead. Well, needless to say, it really paid off. Here is a before and after.jpg of the wet cleaning. The dust spots always show up worse when shooting at high f-stops, making long exposures kind of a pain to edit. Well, with a freshly cleaned sensor I went out shooting early Friday morning and cranked the f-stop to f/16. This shot was a good half hour before sunrise, so no filter was necessary to give the camera enough time to let the clouds move like you see here. Long exposures like this can be tricky for a couple of reasons. First, the clouds have to be just right, too cloudy and the background will be a blur off white, not enough clouds and the sky will just look clear. Getting the timing right is tough too. My camera is only capable of calculating the appropriate exposure if it is below 30 seconds. This means it's usually trial and error to get the exposure just right, and requires counting the time on my watch. It can be frustrating too when you wait minutes at a time, only to see that the exposure is way off. I can't imagine trying to do this during the days of film shooting!

An 88 second exposure of the Adler Planetarium during sunrise early Friday morning.View Exif InformationView on Map

An 88 second exposure of the Adler Planetarium during sunrise early Friday morning.