date February 01, 2010 location Chicago, IL

Today. This is a building in Cabrini-Green aka "The Projects", one of Chicago's worst neighborhoods in terms of crime and poverty. I am not sure if this is officially the last Cabrini-Green building to get torn down, but nonetheless I felt a little uneasy carrying my expensive camera equipment here by myself. Papa Runner (that would be my dad) freaked out when he saw me in Lake Michigan (see 43/365 43/365), he will definitely not be happy with this one! I think that most Chicagoans would agree that it is a good thing to see these buildings being torn down as they are a symbol of gangs, poverty and violence. Special thanks to my friend Lisa who suggested that I shoot this. Also a special thanks to Joel, who after seeing Lisa's suggestion insisted that I shoot it today because it looked like it was about to get torn down soon.

Unfortunately the entire area was completely fenced off. I grabbed a few shots with a tripod from behind the fence. Eventually I took this one by hand with the lens poking through a small gap in the fence gate (I used a low f-stop[3.5] to reduce the exposure). That blockage on the left hand side of the photograph is that green fibery stuff they sometimes line fences with. I tried a few different crops here, including a straight vertical crop, but I ended up sticking with the original as I usually do. Maybe it's just me but whenever I attempt to crop a picture it just doesn't feel right.

A demolished building in Cabrini-Green.View Exif InformationView on Map

A demolished building in Cabrini-Green.