date January 06, 2010 location Chicago, IL

Today. An exciting day today in ShutterRunner land as I was featured in my friend Matt's blog, Jewelry & Toolery. I talked about HDR photography, and project 365.

This shot was captured at the Up Down Cigar shop in Old Town. The store had wide angle lens written all over it, and seeing as I just got one, I figured I'd give it a try. Notice the lens hood in the upper right and lower left of the shot? Oops, it must have come loose in it's case. I think it gives an unintentional surveillance camera effect in this shot though, so I didn't crop (also I am very lazy). Some bad news in ShutterRunner land since this lens is broken :-(. The lens takes 20 to 30 seconds to autofocus, and sometimes doesn't even work at all. At first I thought it was due to poor lighting, but I took it into the store and the lens was faulty on other cameras in good lighting conditions. Also we tried a similar lens on my camera and it auto focused fine. I just emailed the store I got it from through Amazon, and I really really hope they take care of this soon! I am headed to Texas this weekend and I was really hoping to shoot with this.

A man at the counter of Up Down Cigar in Old Town.View Exif InformationView on Map

A man at the counter of Up Down Cigar in Old Town.