320/365 - The Difference Part 1

date October 05, 2010 location Appleton, WI

Today. Today marks the start of a new sub-series of project 365 that I am entitling "The Difference". This sub-series will contain pictures from the Lawrence University campus that were taken this past weekend. I visited the campus on assignment after some fellow Lawrentians discovered a few of my other Lawrence University shots.

I arrived in Appleton early Saturday afternoon, granted this time of day is not the best for light, the clouds were looking very nice. Upon arrival, I met with Sheree, Lawrence's director of communications, and the woman behind The Lawrence University Facebook Page. Sheree and I discussed everything Lawrence, and was hoping that I would be able to capture some of the stories behind Lawrence University and its campus via photograph. I have never been this photographically motivated! I was, after all, seeking to capture the "Lawrence Difference" through a means in which it has never before been captured - high dynamic range photography. For those of you that did not attend Lawrence, the "Lawrence Difference" is a tagline used very often on campus. Former Larry U president Richard Warch tries explaining it here. I worn you that I have not read his entire piece. I am still stuck in the first paragraph trying to figure out what "matriculation" means in this sentence (I don't see how women having their periods has anything to do with the University.) The "Lawrence Difference" to me is the reason I came here instead of the state school that all of my friends went to. So, for the next 14 days or so, I will bring you a new photo of Lawrence, and I hope to tell you a new story through each photo that I post. Enjoy!

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Welcome to Lawrence.