date September 16, 2010 location Chicago, IL

UPDATE: Nikon has updated the tech specs section on the D7000 and now includes +-2EV autobracketing. Thanks to Chris Stern for pointing this out in the comments. I wonder if this was initially a typo in the tech specs or a last minute firmware upgrade due to the backlash from HDR enthusiasts? Either way I am probably getting this camera depending on when it comes out.

Today. Nikon officially announced its new camera yesterday, the Nikon D7000. Just about every review you'll read for this new camera has something great to say because all the specs on this thing are awesome, all but one anyways. I was shocked and disappointed to see that the new D7000 only autobrackets 3 images at 1EV. This, for those non photogs, means that its HDR functionality is pretty poor. In a world where HDR is becoming so popular (the iPhone just announced the addition of HDR functionality into its operating system) I am really upset and probably won't buy this camera anytime soon. What's the most disappointing to me is that this really has nothing to do with hardware, its a feature that can probably be turned on and off pretty easily within the cameras firmware, and for whatever reason Nikon chose against adding this. While I have taken some decent pictures with my D5000 I was really hoping to upgrade soon, and now I'm really not sure what I'm gonna do. Boo...

Today's shot is also from Tuesday morning's sunrise. This is Oak Street Beach.

Oak St. Beach at Sunrise.View Exif InformationView on Map

Oak St. Beach at Sunrise.