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The Blog
Matt Wolin

My name is Matty Wolin and welcome to my photography blog. I am a Software Developer by trade, and started learning photography in 2009 when I decided that it might be fun to bring a camera along on my runs while training for a marathon.

My photography is best consumed alongside a hot cup of joe or a cold mug of your favorite craft beer. For the cliffs notes version, head to My Favorites. I update my favorites every couple of months or so trying to keep the page as diverse as possible in terms of both style and location.

I ask nothing in return for your enjoyment of these images, I am extremely flattered when people tell me they enjoy my pictures and that is what inspires me to keep this blog updated.

If you feel compelled to support my hobby, you can buy a print from my smugmug site.

The style of photography on this site is called High Dynamic Range Photography. The process of creating hdr imagery involves capturing multiple exposures of a scene with the use of a tripod. With the foreground, middleground and background all captured at the appropriate exposure levels in the various images, the images are blended together with softare, a process known as tonemapping.

My Equipment

Disclaimer: The links below will take you to and I will recceive commission for referral purchases. All of the items listed below have been thoroughly used by me and have received the ShutterRunner seal of approval.


  • HDRSoft Photomatix Pro
  • Adobe PhotoShopt CS5
  • Nik ColorEfex Pro
  • Adobe Lightroom 4


As a software developer, I am proud of the solution that I have developed for this blog. While it may not look like much, this blog makes use of many open source software projects and integrates with a number of different APIs including: twitter, flickr, facebook, google maps, smugmug, tinyurl, and 500px allowing me to autmoatically share my work to several different photography hosting solutions and social media networks. Here are a few of the specifics without which this blog would not be possible:

All images are distributed with a Creative Commons License.

Content may be used with attribution and a link to the source.

Commerical use is not allowed without permission from the ShutterRunner. For all commercial inquiries, contact:

Email for any inquiries.