date September 23, 2010 location Chicago, IL

Today. This is the Chicago Sun-Times building. I did a lot of research on exactly how this organization works, so bear with me here as I try and explain it. Founded in 1948, the Chicago Sun-Times hires a slew of bloggers to produce one comprehensive and massive blog of each author's work each day. Here's the catch. Rather than posting these blogs online, the blogs are printed everyday, then hand delivered to subscribers' doorsteps. The giant blogging company then makes money by charging its subscribers a fee for the paper-blog, and also from advertisements collected in it. It is unclear if there were any other sources of income for these companies, but apparently this was a pretty popular service back in the day.

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The Chicago Sun-Times Building


date September 22, 2010 location Chicago, IL

Today! Whoa, I am already at 307 of 365! I am really rounding the corner of project 365 and I can't wait to be done. It isn't so much that I am excited to be done with project 365, but I am excited for the day that I can grab a cold one and a cigar and go through every single image and reflect on at least some aspect of every day of the past 365 that I have lived. Although I didn't have the time to photograph a new image every single day, I have taken the time to process and publish on my blog a unique picture from the past year of my life, and because of that I will never forget these past 365 days. There have been early morning sunrises, glorious sunsets, rainy days and scary ones. I have made my way out west, down south, to the east coast, and even to Canada [links to pics somewhere in the late 300s here]!

The regular visitors of my blog may have noticed an increase in the amount of copy that has come alongside my images over the course of the past week or so (my mom, Shane, and anyone else whose computer I may have fixed and set their web browser's home page to ShutterRunner.com over the course of the last 307 days come to mind here - consider it my tip). When I initially started projected 365, I envisioned it as more of a personal quest to be able to produce a quality image on a daily basis. As time has past, I have received some great feedback from family, friends, fellow photogs, and Shane, which has helped push me as a photographer and more importantly, an every day life appreciator. So, although I can't promise to keep these dicktations thorough, after all a picture is worth a thousand words, I wanted to take a minute to appreciate the fun that I have had with project 365 thus far.

You'd think after that long speech that I would have something spectacular to show... Today's image was captured on yesterday's run through the west loop.

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The sun setting from Chicago Ave and the River.


date September 21, 2010 location Chicago, IL

Today. Yesterday on Justin Kern's blog, The Golden Sieve, he discussed the benefits of not forcing himself to post an image per day. Similar to project 365, Justin used to force himself to post a daily image on his alma mater site, The Windy Pixel. Justin makes the argument that by enforcing this heavy burden on himself, he would suppress his creativity by taking and posting so many similar images:

"Whenever I was taking photographs, knowing that I was going to post a one per day, I began to think about how many times I needed to come up with something worthy of the blog. Sometimes this meant posting a series of photographs that were very similar or separating photographs that belonged together. Though grabbing 365 interesting images per year isn’t very difficult – this accounting exercise is extremely stifling to one’s creativity – yet it is impossible to understand how limiting it is until you free yourself from this constraint."

I don't doubt this statement, and as Justin points out I probably won't realize how cumbersome this is until I free myself from it. I would, however, make the argument that project 365, or posting an image per day, has a plethora of benefits for photographers, especially novices like myself. Simply put, by doing something so frequently, it is impossible to not grow at it. Everyday I evaluate my work, realize where my photography needs to make improvements, then go out and try to do those things better.

Today's shot is the Chicago Skyline from the intersection of Chicago Ave. and Halsted (ish).

The Chicago Skyline and Highway 90 from the Chicago Ave. and the Kennedy Expressway.View Exif InformationView on Map

The Chicago Skyline and Highway 90 from the Chicago Ave. and the Kennedy Expressway.

Nikon D7000 Autobracketing

date September 20, 2010 location

A Nikon technician has responded to a ticket that I opened regarding this discrepancy with good news. The USA site is correct and the D7000 brackets in 2-3 frames up to 2EV!

It has been several days now since Nikon announced the D7000 camera. There is still confusion as to its autobracketing functionality. Autobracketing, as many of my readers know is a huge spec for HDR photogs and the difference between being able to do this at 1EV and 2EV is the difference between a camera that can't do HDR acceptably and one that can. The ambiguity is this, on nikon.com the specs indicate autobracketing up to 1EV: http://imaging.nikon.com/products/imaging/lineup/digitalcamera/slr/d7000/spec.htm. While nikonusa.com lists the specs as bracketing up to 2EV: http://nikonusa.com/Find-Your-Nikon/Product/Digital-SLR/25468/D7000.html#tab-ProductDetail.ProductTabs.TechSpecs. See the below screenshot:

Nikon D7000 autobracketing


date September 20, 2010 location Chicago, IL

Today. Today's shot is Chase Tower. This is the same building I captured in 275/365. After seeing that picture, my friend James insisted that I captured this building from the straight up perspective because as a kid, he would always stare up at the building to get the sensation that it was falling over him.

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Chase Tower.


date September 19, 2010 location Chicago, IL

Today. Oak St. Beach.

Oak St. Beach at Sunrise.View Exif InformationView on Map

Oak St. Beach at Sunrise.


date September 18, 2010 location Chicago, IL


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date September 17, 2010 location Chicago, IL

Today. I release all my photos with a Creative Commons License granting the rights to use the photos for all but non-commercial use. In addition to that, there have been a few times where I have done mini shoots for friends and restaurants free of charge. When I first set up this site and project 365, this really was not a big deal to me. In fact, I would have been flattered at the idea that someone is using MY photo. However, since that time, I have made friends with many photographers (both realistically and facebooklistically) and I have heard a few of them, especially those that do this as a profession, complain about the difficulty to find work, and the outrageously low prices expected from their clients. This got me worrying - by giving away my photos (and sometimes doing free shoots for friends or restaurants) - I am not only hurting myself by not charging in a situation where I could be making money, but I am depleting the photog-economy. Not only is this a tough profession to begin with, but the equipment alone is crazy expensive.

Today's shot is another early morning sunrise shot from this week. This is Oak Street Beach in Chicago.

The skyline and sunrise from Oak St. Beach.View Exif InformationView on Map

The skyline and sunrise from Oak St. Beach.


date September 16, 2010 location Chicago, IL

UPDATE: Nikon has updated the tech specs section on the D7000 and now includes +-2EV autobracketing. Thanks to Chris Stern for pointing this out in the comments. I wonder if this was initially a typo in the tech specs or a last minute firmware upgrade due to the backlash from HDR enthusiasts? Either way I am probably getting this camera depending on when it comes out.

Today. Nikon officially announced its new camera yesterday, the Nikon D7000. Just about every review you'll read for this new camera has something great to say because all the specs on this thing are awesome, all but one anyways. I was shocked and disappointed to see that the new D7000 only autobrackets 3 images at 1EV. This, for those non photogs, means that its HDR functionality is pretty poor. In a world where HDR is becoming so popular (the iPhone just announced the addition of HDR functionality into its operating system) I am really upset and probably won't buy this camera anytime soon. What's the most disappointing to me is that this really has nothing to do with hardware, its a feature that can probably be turned on and off pretty easily within the cameras firmware, and for whatever reason Nikon chose against adding this. While I have taken some decent pictures with my D5000 I was really hoping to upgrade soon, and now I'm really not sure what I'm gonna do. Boo...

Today's shot is also from Tuesday morning's sunrise. This is Oak Street Beach.

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Oak St. Beach at Sunrise.


date September 15, 2010 location Chicago, IL

Today. 300!!! This is a bird that I found on Oak Street Beach, right in front of Oak Street Beachstro. I was amazed as it stayed perfectly still for me to take off my 10-20mm and put on my 35mm for this shot.

A bird on Oak Street Beach.View Exif InformationView on Map

A bird on Oak Street Beach.